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Special custom made PT-100, RTD and Thermocouple sensors by RS Technics.

Special custom made PT-100, RTD’s and Thermocouple sensors by RS Technics

PT100 and RTD  and thermocouple sensors are available in countless models, designs and shapes. RS Technics designs, develops and manufactures the desired sensors up to you own specifications and requirements.

RS Technics has it’s own R&D department and production facility, because of this we can develop, produce, repair or replace nearly all kinds of PT-100 and RTD or thermocouple sensors. On a daily bases RS Technics we manufacture all kinds of imaginable special temperature sensors.

Our sensors can be found in all kinds of applications and situations like: petrochemical, shipbuilding and ship-engine maintenance, industrial applications, hospitality (HACCP), food processing, medical instruments, real-estate,  automotive and railway and so on. You name it, where you need a temperature measurement and/or registration you can and will find our sensors.

It’s possible you have a situation where you need a nonexistent ready made (stock) sensor, in other words: a special temperature sensor. Or you might have an old sensor that is no longer available. RS Technics will (re)produce these sensors for you.

Let us know where we might be of assistance, we will quote you the costs that are involved and give you a very accurate delivery time. In about 98% of most situations the delivery will be “within 1 week”! And even within 24 hours!

Please feel free to contact us and let know where we can be of your assistance. Our sales department is pleased to help you.


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